Hello and welcome to my blog. Since is the “About” section, let me give you an evolving bio of me, your author.

My name is Emily and I love to write. I have always written in journals since a young girl. My mother always encouraged me to write and it is a cathartic way to put those feelings out in the universe. How amazing is this world that now I can type them into a purposeful blog?!

I decided to launch this blog last year when I stumbled across one of my old journals from my marriage to the father of my children. It was sad to read some of my entries but I started reflecting on how we got to that place of divorce. Then I really started peeling back the layers of the foundation of any of my relationships and I realized that my first (short and explosive marriage) really set the tone for allowing men to treat me poorly. I have evolved and learned so much about myself over the years and sometimes at the cost of putting up walls so high, no man could possibly scale over them to get to me or my heart again. I have to learn to trust that I have grown into the woman I should have been at a very young age, but I relinquished that empowerment to a man and it cost me self-esteem and lack of confidence. I know people look at me now and find that hard to believe, but it has taken decades to find my voice and learn to not accept poor treatment from a man or any other person. It has taken decades to feel comfortable in my skin and to explore the things that make me feel passionate about wanting to love again.

This is my journey back to me and I hope it helps pave the way for enlightenment in whatever it is you seek to make yourself whole and happy. Do not let anyone steal your light. I have lived a full life and I do not mean that in the most casual, comfortable way. I have battled financial ruin and rebuilt a peaceful and happy life. Come on the journey and let me show you the way…

I have lived on both coasts and in between. From Huntington Beach, California to the South shore of Long Island and back to Ohio where I currently reside. I am tired of moving but it has brought me to this place in my life. I am excited to see what comes next, because I don’t think this girl is done.  In fact, I know it. 😉