New Years Eve thoughts

Keeping it simple for now before I dive into my year end review. For now these are my thoughts as I wrap up the decade. Wishing you an amazing year ahead. One step at a time and I will see you back here to continue the journey.

This is it. The end of a decade. A decade that almost took my life multiple times. A decade of which I lost both parents. A decade of moving and living out of a storage unit. A decade of constant shift. A decade of making myself better and growing to love myself more than I ever have. A decade of learning what I want in life and not settling for anything less. A decade of never giving up on me. I am most proud of that. I never gave up. There is the thinking of the power of 10. When faced with reacting to something ask yourself this. How will your response affect you 10 minutes from now? 10 months from now? 10 years from now? I’m ready for the next decade. I’ve got this! 💪🏼