Let’s Get Married!

If you look up the definition of whirlwind I am certain it says; Refer to Emily’s life.

And just like that the decision is made that we should get married before he moves to California. I am 19 years old, on the cusp of 20. This seems logical, right? I guess it’s what I’m supposed to do. Greek girl marries Greek boy and they live happily ever. What the hell did I know? There is a lot to do to make this happen before he moves and it’s going to mean he has to get out there before me to find us a place to live, then fly back for the wedding. Not to mention I have to actually PLAN a wedding while in school. I do not recommend this to anyone.

First off, we have to buy a ring. He isn’t spending more than $2,000 on a ring. He made that clear. On a side note, I learned he had been engaged to another girl before me. I learned that tidbit of information on the Greyhound to Pittsburgh for his sisters wedding. (Not from him.) I wonder what her ring looked like? Hmpf. We shop for a ring. He pays for it. I picked it up and delivered it to him on this particular trip. It was such an awesome feeling when I got to his house and his mom asked to see it. (insert complete sarcasm) Her response was less than kind. All she could say was “That’s it. That’s what he bought you?” And so the ground work of humiliation was paved.

It’s okay. I got even with the wedding invitations and that was by accident. Hey people!!!! I am trying to study and plan a wedding with no help. My parents were not exactly excited for me. I am honestly wondering if anyone in my family was? This was turning into nothing but frustration. I wanted a new gown, but my parents were not spending any kind of money on new and what is wrong with mom’s gown anyhow? I took mom to the bridal store and at the end of the day, because this wedding was happening FAST all I could do was get her gown altered for me. She won that battle. My mom’s gown is SPECTACULAR but I wanted my own. In fact, they have wedding shows where women spend thousands and thousands of dollars for a gown like that now. It wasn’t the worst thing to happen, I just wanted my own.

Back to the invitations. I will keep it brief. When I ordered them, it announced my parents wedding of their daughter to the groom. That’s it. I forgot to add his parents names to the invitation. I caught hell for that too. You know what? I don’t care anymore. Having his dad scream “Orphan!!!” at me is enough of a memory.

I found a venue (not good enough for him, but all I could do on short notice) and one that my parents could afford. Then the guest list. We are Greek. Do you know how impossible of a task that really is?! I could only invite 200 people. Many of my cousins had 500 or more at theirs. My parents had 700 at theirs! I guess it will just be immediate family. That is a small wedding by Greek standards. I did not enjoy any of this planning. None. Tell me what there is to get excited about?

The month of March is my birthday. Here I am, 20 years old and about to get married and leave for sunny Huntington Beach, California where I do not know a single person. Leaving school behind and all my dreams of what I wanted to be when I grow up. As soon as I wrap up my finals I can take a deep breath and maybe understand what is about to happen at the end of May.

I do not really remember much about the day itself other than some pretty important things like how absolutely beautiful I looked in my mother’s gown. It makes my cry just thinking about it because I know how it made my papa smile to see it again. But the most important memory of that day was the ride to the church. We did not rent limousines. Honestly, you just need to get there. Does the car really matter? So the bridal party piled into several different cars and mom, dad and I got in his new Buick Riviera. As we drove to church I asked him to turn on the radio. Now if you do not believe this part of the story you can go straight to my brother because they had the same radio station on and we all heard the song as we pulled up to church. Billy Idols “White Wedding”. Yes. That would be my theme music for the next few years.

Papa pulled the Riv up to the church doors and he and mom both turned around and looked straight at me and said “You do not have to go in there if you don’t want to. We will handle it.”

That was my wedding day. The entire universe and my parents all tried to tell me something that I was about to learn.

Lesson 4 : Trust your gut

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