A Short Story- A slight swerve off the path for a moment

I wanted to share this short story to my blog today. I posted it on Monday, Jan 21st on my private facebook page and it needs to go here too. I hope you enjoy it. Have a beautiful day.

The significance of a coffee filter.
A short story.

It has been almost two years since I’ve been back to Medina. I left for 20 months to stay at my moms and help care for her and myself in a way. Clearly my mothers mental health was deteriorating but up until the time she couldn’t leave the house on her own, her favorite place to go besides the family restaurant was Aldi’s. Honestly it was more about familiarity and routine because dementia was ruling her world. It was a place she knew how to navigate to and back. Her world became small. On every single visit there she would buy coffee filters. 😊
Do you know what’s crazier? After she passed away. After plans were made to move back. After all the contents were removed from the house, I kept the coffee filters. Do you know why? I knew when I started my life again back in Medina that every day for a long time, I would feel like a little piece of mom was having coffee with me everyday. This morning I used the last coffee filter. ❤️ I miss them both so much but today we share that last sip together because she thought enough of coffee filters that we had this little morning treat as a wonderful memory.


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