Finally to Faros!

The date is Aug 7, 1989. My journal entry says “arriving at the restful place on the island.” I don’t know how you compare resting in Agios to resting in Faros because as I read through that day..we aren’t resting, we are loving the reunion with Yiayia and the family! As we arrived to the small pier and removed our smaller suitcases my mom understood that our walk didn’t include sidewalks. We dragged our things down the beach to the last home. There on the veranda she sat. Swinging her legs over the side. When she finally looked our way and realized it was us she began yelling and cursing at us in a loving way. How dare we not tell her we were coming! Ahh, the joy of finally having her daughter and granddaughter with her where it all began. Plans were made that everyone there would all gather later that night.

My evening started with a hike to Agio Kiriaki to watch the sunset with my cousins Nancy and Harry. From there about 15 of us met at the Taverna O Faros. Let me describe this taverna. It had a thatched roof, primitive tables and chairs and literally was on the beach. Nothing fancy yet perfection. That evening turned into a panayiri (celebration). I did record this night on my tape and it was epic. Dishes were broken, wine was flowing, people were dancing and men were proposing. I was officially nicknamed “Benetton” because I was wearing my Benelton sweatshirt. Who didn’t have one back then? This was a most excellent evening.

I love this memory and I just spoke to my cousin Billy yesterday out of the blue. I sent him a picture of the journal entry because he’s struggling with some health issues and said to me yesterday, “Pame!” (Let’s go!). I wish I could say yes and sneak away in August because I know it would be as beautiful as I remember. For now I’m just going to laugh all over again as I share this part of the trip. Opa!

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