New York…you either love it or hate it

I landed at MacArthur airport with zero clue of how I should feel. I made an agreement with this “Lee” character, who finally told me his real name. We established the real truths before I took that flight. (I am not completely crazy.) I also made him promise that if at any time I felt uncomfortable that he would get me back to the airport. I had never been to Long Island until that day. I had never immersed myself in such a great New York culture and it was completely different than the left coast. It is true that you either love New York or hate it. It is very polarizing and I LOVED the craziness of it all. I met a few of his friends that weekend and my god were they funny! I learned early on that the use of the “F” word is cultural. They wove it seamlessly into sentences. I found it fascinating. I set goals for myself to be able to form creative sentences like them. These friends did not mince words. They said everything that was on their minds. I FOUND MY PEOPLE! Lol. I knew this would not be a last visit to Long Island. There was no way I was not going to harvest all those good feels and never return. Sometimes the connection is instant and I don’t mean with just one person. It was all of it. We closed the bars at 4 a.m. We bought fresh bagels at Bagel Boss right after the bars. Let me tell you that if you have not experienced a fresh bagel right out of the oven post drinking escapades then you have not lived. And then I saw the beach. Done deal. I discovered that during my return to Ohio from California, the sadness in my heart had grown because I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere. Going back to California could not happen but I knew staying in Ohio was not a long term choice. There was more for me to experience and grow and learn from and it was called New York. I was finally going to live the young adult life that everyone should experience. Most of all I was going to laugh through most of it. Yes. My soul needs this. Needless to say, I stayed the entire weekend and when he returned me to the airport I knew I was going to come back and probably make it permanent. You never know when life will put you in that moment but when it happens it is like “BAM” here you go. Do the best for you. Be brave. Take chances. Have no regrets. I embraced it 100%. Finally I feel alive again.

“Happiness has a way of weaving itself back into your heart. Be ready to receive it at all costs because life is short. We have a lot of loving to do.”

And so begins the courtship with the father of my children.


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