I can understand Loretta Lynn’s lyrics (but in the end is it worth it?)

49511237_10216811299010192_8471018432316309504_nHow hard have you had to fight for a relationship? How strong has your love been that you say to yourself every single day “We’ve got this.” I think it makes it easier if you have trust in place. This isn’t a new concept but worth reminding you that it is possibly the most essential element in any relationship. I am the kind of woman that if I am with a man who tells me he loves me and only me then we can be out in social situations and I do not care what woman he talks to or shares a laugh. Do you know why? Trust. I trust his word and I know at the end of the night he is next to me in bed. Not someone else.

I suppose leaving the country gives anyone the opportunity to fly under the radar and do what they please. It is a problem though when it’s me that is going to unearth the truth and call your shit out for the next 16 years.  So this bitch decided to make our lives miserable for a long time after my return to New York. No one goes to that effort if the letter was a lie. No one.

This is where I resonate with Loretta, but she is a better woman than me in the end. We got back to our happy little life as young 20 year old adults who go out to the bars with friends and watch sports and drink beer and just work our way deep into adulthood. It just suddenly became a problem that no matter what bar we  went to, she would show up. Yes. She would walk in and approach our table and group of friends and ask to “speak to him”.  I should have packed my shit and left but now for me it was like “game on bitch” let’s see what you’ve got. Every time this happened he would get up and walk outside with her for what seemed like an hour. How did she know where we were? You have to remember this was before everyone had a cell phone attached to the palm of their hand. The mole turned out to be one of his childhood friends. Some friend! He actually drove her to our location a few times. I lost so much respect for him but this relationship grew into his entire circle of friends and I loved living there. I guess I would have to try and work through this if I wanted the entire package. Her appearances became so notorious that as we went through the year and planned our intimate little wedding, we didn’t even tell anyone the location until shortly before just so she wouldn’t show up. Very Hollywood before Hollywood caught on to this. #trending #secretwedding

I take a deep sigh thinking about all of this because I gave 18 years in total to this man but I would not have my children without walking through it. I would never go back in time and change things just for that reason.

So here comes the next 16 years…..”Stand By Your Man”…….

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