What is it about that first kiss?

A pause from the story…

A tale of the heart…

My girlfriends have been through it all with me. I’ve been through it all with them. I don’t know what “guy code” says about supporting your friends or just listening to them when you need to vent but I can safely say they have had my back. What I love the most about them is that they do tell me if I am making a stupid decision with my heart. I do fight off the past and they are there to remind me that I am worth more than what any man has thrown away.

So what is it about that first kiss? You can talk to someone for hours on end before that first kiss happens. It is that moment when you decide to allow someone to get into your space, that place close enough that says “Yes, I want to kiss you too” that defines the energy between you. There is nothing more powerful than the first kiss.

It is everything.

Have you felt that with someone? Have you remained with that person? It’s odd to think that you could ignite a spark so intense just from a kiss and then it never happens again. A kiss does not lie. When you realize it will never happen again with that person, how do you stop remembering it? I know the answer.

Keep searching for the next first kiss. That person who really wants to be there will stick around.

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