A reminder of why…

I don’t know where to start with this post. My emotions are high and something was stirred inside of me that I have not felt in decades.

I am here to remind you of my purpose with this blog. Learn from the words. Start at the beginning. Really read it. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. Never, ever should a person make you feel worthless to humanity. Never should a person hurt you with words and then turn around and make you believe their distorted version of the truth. Never should a person insulate you from those who will always love you more. If we are reaching for you, to help you, we will not go away.

I know your worth and it is amazing. Your heart and soul are what make you beautiful. I am not ever going to walk away from your struggle. I am here. Waiting for that moment to hug you and tell you it’s over and you are more beautiful than ever.

Did I ever think I would have my feelings from decades ago unhatched like a wild storm? Until yesterday, I thought I had battled that demon, but I was wrong. I see you in this moment that I have walked through and it is all rushing back to me and I am screaming for you.

Be stronger than his words. You are more than those ugly words. That is the only way he can keep you in check. I know this and I will be here to lift you up. I am your champion. I am your voice.


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