We have arrived!

I begin this post by telling you that today is 5 years ago I laid my mom to rest. She would have loved everything about this blog from the very beginning because she used to say “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Obviously not her quote but something she taught me at a very early age. I do love writing and so much is going on in this world that I wonder if we can ever find that simple time in life again. I cherish the memories with her and this trip was not the exception. I recorded and journaled everything and it starts with us arriving in Athens. Greeted by one of my amazing great aunts who whisked us away to their Athens apartment. Oh how I loved this trip with mom. Before I tell you the joy of this month long trip I am simply going to take this space to acknowledge learning from one of the strongest women I have ever known. She was ahead of her time in her forward thinking. Born in Wheeling, West Virginia and raised for most of her young life in Stubenville, Ohio. I want you to know her. She taught me the joy of driving fast when daddy wasn’t with us and she definitely taught me all about fashion and the love of a kick ass shoe. Just sharing some pictures here of our journey before I dive in. Memory eternal mom. I love you and feel your presence all around me.

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