God’s Waiting Room

Hello again. It has been a while. I promise to finish my story of my trip to Greece with my mom, but this world and the challenges kept me away from the keyboard. The distraction of “What do we do next? Where can we go? How do we live our lives safely? Gather, don’t gather.” All these thoughts create a reaction and I have decided to live my life. I have taken care of what I need to do and that is all that I can do.

Before I get back to the story I wanted to share a story my mom told me about 7 years ago. She has since passed away, but it resonates loudly during this world of turmoil and elevated emotions. It shows up every year in my memories and I am placing it here in my blog as a constant reminder. This is my mom’s post. I hope you enjoy it.

My mother shared this with me. While she was headed to check out of a store last week, another woman, obviously in a hurry, pushed passed her to the register. When my mom walked up behind her in line, she apologized for being rude but she was in a hurry. My mother simply said “We are all in God’s waiting room, if you need to hurry to get there first, you go right ahead.” She silenced that woman. The lesson here is when you are rushing to get somewhere just remember what the true and final destination really is and you may just slow down and let someone else go in front of you.

I/We have had a lot of loss around us this past year so if you need to step in front of me, be my guest.

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