Love -a Valentine’s Day Post

I have not been in this space for a while because my energy and time has been to help guide one of my children through a challenge. It is not health related but a matter of the heart. During this time I also saw that a dear friend of mine passed away after her family moved her west following the death of her husband. It was unexplained as to what happened but I believe that it was a broken heart. Then recently, another friend of mine lost her husband to a short illness and I know her heart hurts from her loss. The same was true for my mom when daddy passed away. She lost her will to live and wanted nothing more than to get to that place where he was waiting for her.

Love. It can be magical when you are in it. It can be painful when it leaves you. The mystery of that part of our heart cannot be explained. When we have that person, the one that sparks your soul, everything feels settled in your life. That jolt when they leave often puts us in a tailspin. That space in the heart becomes empty and there is no medication to heal it. It takes time. This time of year puts so much pressure on what love should look like. I can tell you it does not look like jewelry or flowers or a new car. Commercialism is ridiculous.

Love is a feeling NOT a material item! We don’t buy love. Love does not charge our credit cards and does not charge you late fees. It does not require you to only show up once a year but it does require you to work on it daily. Love is a different kind of bank account. You must deposit to it all year round.

Love leaves us in many ways whether is is through a breakup, age or health related that loss feels the same. It is easy for others to tell you to not live in that place of sadness. Others will say move on with your life. I’ve been through my share of heartbreak and the one thing I learned about me is that I took some time to live in all the feelings. It is a space to heal and move forward. My mom lived a lifetime with my dad and it hurt that her kids were not enough reason to want to keep living. Just know that those that surround you love YOU and hopefully show you that you have so much more love to give.

Just remember that this Tuesday is just Tuesday. Love is 365 days a year.


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