Writers Block and Post Surgery Recovery

I don’t enjoy not writing but the struggle to find the joy to sit quietly in my own space and thoughts has challenged me for over a year. I am not making excuses but stating facts. When your body is injured and you can’t even walk through a grocery store you become miserable. When you can’t sleep from the pain, or sit and then not stand, you are miserable. This physical issue started two years ago when I stepped off the treadmill at the gym. I ignored the signs and a year ago it accelerated. I tried the chiropractor route but no one said “Hey Emily, maybe you need an orthopedic to look at your hip”…and I paid them money with zero improvement. Stupid me. Boating season last year was the end for me. I was so miserable so I limped my way to the orthopedic doctor for an x-ray. I only blame myself for waiting but I waited too long. Bone on bone arthritis in my left hip. It’s not fun people! Now a game plan to fix it was another waiting game. The doctor gave me the cortisone shots to help relieve the pain in November and I had zero results with that. The soonest I could see the surgeon was Jan 5th for a consultation and he assured me I was in bad shape. Yes doctor, I am. Fix me!

The wait to get on the surgical schedule put me at March 27th. That was the earliest so the suffering was going to last a few more months. Here I am now on the other side of total hip replacement and the recovery is going well but I am not the person to sit still so I am getting a bit stir crazy! I know, I know…it takes time and I am on the right path.

This is the first time I have felt like writing in months and I will wrap up my trip to Greece BUT am I more excited to sort through all the love letters that weren’t buried with my mom and to sort through them and I am doing something I’ve wanted to do in FOREVER. I am writing that book! The greatest love story ever. I promised my mom I would bury all the letters with her and I thought I did, but as I emptied the house I found some scattered around so I collected them.

It needs to be told. It is beautiful. I can’t wait to do this. It is on my bucket list to be published and now that I am on the mend I feel the peace of writing again. Thanks for hanging in there.

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