Knock, Knock…

Have I mentioned I’m tired of moving? Starting over. The idea of being settled is so appealing. That moment when I know I’m finally home. Sharing the rest of my life with one person and just kicking back and saying “Yes, I’m good now.” I know I have been doing the work on me to get there, but good grief, it’s exhausting. So let me bring you to the next guy in my life. The father of my children.

During my return to Ohio I was about 3 months into my family homestead gig and trying to figure this all out when the phone rang. It was for me. It was a guy named Lee Philips. I remembered him from when I was investing out in Los Angeles. We generally spoke once a day or every other day depending on who was shopping rates for portfolios. That was the only conversation we had until I had to tell all these people I was leaving. Well Lee paid attention to the details and properly tracked me down in Ohio to see how I was doing. I was shocked but happy to hear from someone who knew me when I was out west. This guy lived on Long Island and I had a hard time understanding some of his words, but it was nice hearing from him. (Think heavy New York accent) He promised to call again and I welcomed it. We soon began to talk regularly and over the months I got to know him better. At some point he told me his real name. Wait? What? He proceeded to tell me that in his business and working with investors all over the country, he took on a more generic name because his Hispanic last name would have been an obstacle. I’m going to tell you that I believed him, because I believe it to be true to some extent. None the less, I was now aware of his “real name.” He also admitted that he lied about his age because he didn’t think I would talk to him. Okay! We are two for two! Anything else? Bueller? So we kept on chatting and one day he suggested I should come to New York so we could meet. I thought about it for a while and took stock of what wasn’t happening in Ohio, so one day I announced I was flying to Long Island for the weekend. My parents were at their Arizona house for the winter so I told my brother I needed a lift to the airport. He asked where I was going and I told him I was flying to New York to meet a guy. He looked at me and said something to the effect “I rescued you once.” I understood and assured him I had a back up plan. So without a second thought or care in the world, I jumped on a plane and flew to New York.

The rest…as they say…is history.

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