The Arrow —–>>

My final post of 2020 starts with the poem of The Arrow.

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.”

I have loved this poem for many, many years and have shared it with so many friends whose lives have taken a turn from all the Disney magic that they thought it would be and told them there is something better up ahead. Honestly, it is perfect for leaving 2020 behind. Was it all bad? No. Was it all good? No. Could it have been better? Hell yes. We all made great plans for a year that was mostly coined as “2020 Vision”. Clearly, no one asked the Ouija board what to expect! I was among those that had 2020 all mapped out. Ha! I can live without all the concerts and trips and weekend getaways and so many other things, but what I can’t live without is my family. It was the hardest part for me and I am sure it was the same for many of you. It was the year of my youngest commencing Magna Cum Laude from Ohio State and none of us being able to gather as a family on a perfect sunshine day in The Shoe but watching a Zoom commencement on my patio while crying as I miss my children. She then took a fabulous job in Tampa and began that next big step away from mommy. My other daughter lives in Los Angeles and I got spoiled jumping on a plane for long weekends in L.A. She planned to come home twice and canceled out of concern for my health and hers. I have barely hugged my girls this year. Thank god my son still lives in Cleveland but he also has been cautious about seeing me (I am a high risk) so my children are very guarded of me.

So how do we navigate this new world? We adapt. It is not forever and mindset is everything. Make the best of it! It would be an interesting year for relationships. Who knew I would meet someone months before the shit hit the fan?! He made all these amazing plans for us and I was like “WOW”, let’s go! Then everything changed the day after my birthday and he said “I got you. Nothing is going to happen to you on my watch.” We have taken care of each other and really spent all our time together and I can honestly say, it was the best way to grow into a wonderful relationship. No frills. Just together time and talking about the real stuff. That was the blessing in an otherwise crappy year of not seeing friends or family. He bought a boat as soon as he was able to get the broker to get us into the boat yard and we literally spent our vacation and every weekend from May-October on Lake Erie. It was magical. We do not dare make plans for 2021, but I hope I can see my daughter in L.A. soon. It has been too long.

I know so many of you have struggled this year and there is nothing worse than no support from family or friends or even trying to navigate through a challenging or fractured relationship during this time. This blog is to help you regardless that a global pandemic is in front of us. I know it is not easy but if you find you need support you can always reach out. You are not alone.

My wish (because I am not making any plans) for 2021 is that your remain healthy and safe. I am only setting one goal for myself this year and that is to find a publisher. It’s time. As I wind down my message here I will share some pictures of the year we are leaving behind. Ironically we started NYE last year with masks on our faces. Who knew it would be the theme for an entire year?!

Just remember this…the arrow has been pulled back and it is about to launch us all into something greater. #peace #livelaughlove #chaseyourdreams #avoiceforwomen


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