My Birthday Eve

On the eve of my birthday I am taking time to reflect at my personal growth from 4 years ago. We must always challenge ourselves to do better, be better and fulfill those hopes for what we want our future to look like. You write your own story so make it a good one. Today I start another personal journey and my vision is clear for the future. I challenged myself 4 years ago and I did it. No one handed me anything in life. You can do it too! Off here for the next few days so I can just live in gratitude. Go get your Monday!!! #NoExcuses#chaseyourdreams♓️🐟✌🏼❤️

This was my post down below in 2018…still very much feel these emotions but I have traveled so far. Happy to be here.

Emily Rose

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A year ago today I sold the Alameda house to the first couple that walked through the door. So much has happened in my life since then. It’s like I forgot who I was and finally started coming back to life. I took myself to Pier W on my birthday and bought the best Shrimp cocktail on the West side of Cleveland and a glass of wine and began my journey back to me. On March 17th I stopped breathing and ended up in the critical care unit of Medina hospital. Okay. I got past that and took my daughters on the most magical family vacation of our lives and we FELL IN LOVE with Tahoe. It was so healing for me and yet my biggest challenge of my life was still ahead of me. I went to Las Vegas for what was supposed to be a beautiful weekend surrounded by a loving group of people I now call my #countrystrong family. I never thought I would have to dodge for my life from 2000 rounds of gun shots from assault rifles, yet there I was on the ground praying for salvation. At one moment when I thought we will never get out of here alive, I spoke to God and said “If this is my time to come home, I am ready.” Have you talked to God like that? I will tell you a sense of calm washes over your body and you let go….but by the grace of God he sent angels down to lift us up and help us run for our lives. It will be with me forever and to those who think I should just get over it already, I don’t care what you think. It’s changed my life forever. My only hope for you is that you never experience it. Sadly, it’s becoming the norm anymore on the news and I feel for all those who know what comes after that kind of life changing event. I don’t need your permission to be who I am. So, in honor of me to myself I am going off the grid for a few days to wish myself a “Happy birthday and do some more soul searching on finding my way back to me.” Love, peace and kindness. #lovewins



  1. Always enjoy your writing, inspirational, and gives me hope for better things in store for life. Everyone has issues, problems, if they say they don’t there lying. Hope u find someone to publish what u want to write. Good luck and pre- Happy Birthday !


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